Hold it Contemprary Home - Worst Customer Service and Return Policy

San Diego, California 0 comments
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I used to be a huge fan of Holdit and unfortunately have spent a few thousand dollars in their location..After doing some research, i found out that they have the highest mark up among all other furniture stores in the entire county of San Diego.

Once you have purchased any single item from them, it's an automatic rip off. The very first time I walked in , I was wearing jugging shorts and NO ONE, of all 3 free sales people, greeted me in the entire 10 min i was there. Couple months later, I was coming from my office in a suit and noticed a huge diffrence between the way they greeted in the past and then. I was *** enough to drop a few thousand and later on, I found out I could have bought the exact same set for $3600 less and a free delivery.That's a price on a good vacation these days.

Today, I made a trip there to EXCHANGE three $13 plate mats for a different color and since I usually don't keep receipts of such small purchases, they rudely refused to make a simple exchange happen for me.

I would not reccomand this place to no one.


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